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Mentorship Code of Conduct


Mentorship relationships must maintain a safe space so that mentees can share ideas and concerns with mentors, as well as seeking professional advice. Violation of this trust should not occur with either the mentor or mentee sharing personal information with other individuals. Maintaining confidentiality ensures a trusting mentorship relationship.

Conflicts of Interest

While mentors generally have a degree of power and influence over the mentee, it is important that mentors yield this power responsibly. If any conflicts of interest occur during the mentorship relationship, these must be immediately addressed with the mentee, as well as the mentorship coordinator.


In a mentorship relationship, it is important that both mentor and mentee demonstrate integrity by attending scheduled meetings, being available for further communications, and following through on their commitments within their mentorship.

Boundary Management

While it can be natural to develop friendships within mentorship relationships, it is important that these relationships maintain professional boundaries. Any romantic or sexual feelings that occur during the mentorship relationship should not be acted upon as they undermine the mentorship.


While mentors and mentees come from different backgrounds, it is important that everyone in the mentorship relationship is respected. This can occur through professional communication, and dealing with situations with sensitivity and without judgement.