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Our Global Mentorship Program

Mentorship is the process of giving guidance, direction, and/or advice. Mentorship is performed by the mentor to the mentee. In the medical laboratory profession, mentorship is vital for early laboratory professionals to learn valuable insight from experienced professionals.

Here's How It Works:

  1. Apply to be a mentor or mentee.
  2. Wait for the matching process.
  3. Begin your mentorship with someone that aligns with your career trajectory.
  4. Enjoy follow-ups with MedLabScholar staff to help facilitate the mentorship.
  5. Optional: Repeat steps 3 – 4!

Why should you be a mentor or mentee?

Professionals who have become mentors have noted increased satisfaction in helping others achieve their professional goals.

Early-career professionals & students who are mentees are provided with opportunities for further learning & career development.

Interested in Participating in Our Program?

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